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The Functional Health app is designed to help you live long and well.

Image by Victor Freitas

The app will assist you in increasing and maintaining your functional health, focusing on the most influential and controllable things that really matter - your daily choices and actions.

Functional Health is defined as one's physical capabilities, sustained over time.

With the app, you can build effective, healthy daily habits that drive your results. You can select from a preconfigured habits program or build your own. Either choice allows you to track and see your habits, allowing you to adjust your habits for better functional health.

Jumping Squats
“Every habit and capability is confirmed and grows in its corresponding actions, walking by walking, and running by running… therefore, if you want to do something, make a habit of it.” —Epictetus
Image by John Arano

You can also use the app to take physical assessments. This will quantify your functional health. With this tracking, you will know, with confidence, that you are headed in the right direction, by watching your abilities and health improve.

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